I Miss The Nature


I’ll never stop missing all these breath taking scenes back in my home town. I missed how the gentle breezes cross over my face and take every piece of my worries away from me. The  sound of the uneasy salt water slapping each other again and again and seeing the burning sun is about to bid their goodbyes. I don’t mind taking hours just to stare blankly into them and enjoy every part of the nature. Having companions ease away the loneliness and they never stop making me amused by their happy go lucky behavior. Don’t get me wrong, this is a compliment~ If I can turn back time whenever I want, I would like to go back to this right moment every time when I feel down and suffocated. Just so  IF I CAN…

Global Friendship Festival

Had a blast in this wonderful event. I learned a lot about other countries’ traditional foods and clothes. It was such a great experience of handling our own Malaysia booth by explaining every unique pieces of Malaysia to other people and through this event I realize that I am proud to be Malaysian  because of the multicultural that we embrace instead of being a homogeneous country. I love Malaysia.


Can you guess which countries are all of these?KakaoTalk_20151201_160740576KakaoTalk_20151201_160739545KakaoTalk_20151201_160739894

I hope in the future I’ll get more chances to join this kind of events again. :3

Friends was doing some silly moves.

I’m so dead if he finds out about this hahaha

Went through Korea’s deep tunnel when I was on the way to the location.

Kimchi Making

A great experience of kimchi making last 2 weeks! The kimchi that was made in this event are going to be send to people in North Korea. I was quite impress that a lot of the ajjumah and ajjushi came to do this volunteering activity with all of their heart.


only 10 foreigner students are allowed to join this event and i’m one of the lucky one though I don’t really understand why are they limiting the participation of foreigners. Some of the ajjumah were really friendly especially the elders better than young housewives ==


They invited some of the defectors students to attend and sing.


We had lunch and chatted with each other.



Pray For the World :(

My deepest condolences to the victims, their families and their love ones that are affected by the terrorist attack in Paris, earthquake in Japan, ISIS attack in Lebanon, protest in Seoul and hurricane disaster in Maxico. Our griefs toward all of this countries shouldn’t be make into a comparison instead I believe that the lost of innocent lives were EQUALLY heart-breaking! Pray for the world.


photo credits to http://www.nydailynews.com


Thanks to my roommate we got to eat free Krispy Kreme! It taste 100 times better as we served it with a cup of hot black coffee and more importantly we ate it together. ^^ That is the reason why people always say sharing is caring~



Autumn Paints!

Autumn is my second favorite season after spring. The season paints every place in red, orange and yellow color. Looking at these painted trees while the wind blew, it brings a sense of weird yet lonely chill into me. But with my friends here by my side I feel so lucky. ^^ Seorak Mountain is three and a half hours from Seoul by bus. There are 2 types of area, inside part and outside part of Seorak Mountain. We only get the chance to visit the inside part where only Ajjushi and Ajjuma will go. ㅠㅠKakaoTalk_20151025_012338240









There was a Ajjushi told us that we should have come last week or earlier because the scenery are the prettiest by that time.We took bus up to the mountain but walked down for 7.1km!!! A long walk while chatting with friends. It’s not that bad after all.

La Douce~

After hectic exam week end we went out to have some fun! We went to a cafe in Hongdae named La Douce which means soft. The desserts and lattes are so good!


Since Halloween is around the corner they even have this cute little decoration for the shop. Every latte drink has this 3D cute dog or bear figure on top of the drinks. I t was super cute! Not only that the drink is awesome.


Perfect combination with cheese cake and crepe cake!


I was such a great outing with these pretty ladies ^^KakaoTalk_20151022_185811134

After that we took a walk around Hongdae and saw this funny yet cool guy performing his guitar skill. He was crazily talented so I think it’s worthy to post it on here.